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Devilishly Good. The New Honda Type-R

Honda is teasing us again, and this time it’s with leaked statistics and official teaser photos.

We first saw the New Civic Type-R Concept at the Paris Motor show last September, and since then Honda have been hushed and fairly reluctant to reveal any details surrounding and regarding its new performance hot hatch.

However, with its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor show fast approaching, anticipation is peaking, and Honda have just whet our appetite and released a few details onto their website.

Describing it themselves as “our boldest, most aggressive Type R yet”, perhaps one of the most impressive reported numbers is, its claimed top speed of 167mph. From a front wheeled drive, 2.0-litre engine, this is an impressive achievement.

It is all made possible due to the Type R’s unique vents and grilles, teamed with a flat underbody. It is also to be the first of the Type R’s to benefit from a turbo charger. Previous models were all naturally aspirated.

Combine this with the mighty power of the VTEC engine and a six-speed gearbox, and it should allow for constant power delivery from start right through to its 167mph top speed. Very exciting stuff!

A large rear spoiler and specially designed sideskirts ensure that, just the right amount of downforce is exerted across its sleek, aerodynamic bodywork, allowing for maximum stability at high speeds.

Oooh, push buttons, and one is marked +R. It might as well say don't push this button.

The car is to make its debut sporting its Championship White paintwork, as seen in the above photos, and it’s one we are eagerly anticipating.

What are your thoughts on the Type R? Would you own one?

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Posted on 12th February 2015 at 4:58 PM

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