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AdBlue technology is now fitted to more diesel cars than ever before.

 If you’re looking at leasing a new diesel car, the chances are increasing that it will come fitted with AdBlue technology, and therefore require AdBlue refills in the course of your motoring.

What is AdBlue? Despite having the word “blue” in its name- AdBlue is actually colourless. It’s a non toxic liquid that contains water and urea (yes, urea!). How does AdBlue work? The liquid is sprayed into the exhaust gases as they go through the exhaust system. The AdBlue combines with the exhaust emissions, and in doing so it breaks down mono-nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. It’s a good thing for improving air quality (the days of smoky diesels are behind us), which is much publicised at the present time. How can I refill the AdBlue? In much the same way as windscreen washer fluid or fuel- there’ll be a filling hole on the vehicle where it can be refilled. Some vehicles require a nozzle to refill, but this is widely available and often comes with the liquid. The location of the filling tank varies by vehicle, usually it’s in the boot or next to the fuel filler hole. How do I know if my new car required AdBlue? It’s easy to check the manufacturers website for details. . Who refills the AdBlue? You do. In the same way as fuel or oil, the AdBlue will need to be monitored and refilled as necessary. Don’t worry, the car will give you plenty of prior warning to fill it up in good time. Depending on the size of the AdBlue tank and how the vehicle is driven, the refill interval is normally quite long, into the thousands of miles. Often the AdBlue is an item on the service checklist, so when your vehicle has it’s periodic service it may well be refilled then as well. In the case of leased vehicles, this is the only occasion when an AdBlue refill cost may be covered within the lease. Where can I get AdBlue? Due to the massive increase in vehicles that require it, AdBlue is now widely available. You can order it online, purchase it at petrol stations, motoring supply stores, or even dealerships (although be prepared to pay a heavy premium especially if you ask them to refill it for you!). Some filling stations have AdBlue pumps so you can purchase only as much AdBlue as you need. Is AdBlue expensive? At the time of writing, a 10l container of AdBlue costs around £10, so it’s not expensive. What if I don’t refill my AdBlue tank? This is not recommended, and will likely result in the cars management system either severely limiting or disabling the engine- so it’s important to keep it topped up. To conclude, AdBlue helps to clean the gases from your exhaust and reduce harmful emissions at a fairly minimal cost. So if your new car comes with AdBlue tech, don’t worry!

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Posted on 8th August 2017 at 11:01 AM

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